Lyme Disease, CFS & FMS



Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia are three of the most difficult medical problems to treat. Not only traditional Western medicine fails to address these problems adequately, but also most alternative therapies approaches only succeed to address some of the symptoms. One major reason for that is the failure to understand the existence of energetic blockages. Energetic blockages are foremost obstacles for both proper diagnosis and effective healing approaches. Understanding the complexity of the subject of energetic blockages is a prerequisite to applying the proper methodology for their elimination. This is a major and indispensable step toward achieving the goal of proper healing. Since many of the Energetic blockages concurrently suppress the immune system, a critical element for the healing process is eliminated. By attending this seminar you will be armed with approaches that intend to promote the integrity of the immune system.

  • Learn how to correctly diagnose the presence or absence of energetic blockages.
  • Learn how to identify energetic blockages already existing.
  • Learn how to effectively treat and eliminate blockages through Auricular acupuncture and Homeodynamics.
  • Learn how to improve the integrity of the immune system.
  • Learn how to charge the immune system to eliminate the cause of any particular medical problem.
  • Learn how to use the powerful effects of Homeodynamics on the immune system.

And finally learn how to address FMS, CFS, and Lyme disease as never before.