Now comes in 2 convenient sizes!

A 100-page multi color atlas of the ear designed by Dr. Nader Soliman to demonstrate the projection sites of the various anatomic structures of each of the three embryological tissues origins: mesoderm, endoderm, and ectoderm on the auricular acupuncture microsystem.

The atlas allows the auricular practitioners to localize these anatomic structures in each of the three phases on both the external and mastoid surfaces of the ear. It is a perfect complement to the auricular reference charts by the same author.

Containing the most accurate localizations available anywhere, this atlas also contains new localizations for some of the central nervous system structures never before researched. In addition, a treatment manual to guide practitioners in choosing the most accurate localizations and phases is also included.

Desk Atlas

Atlas of Auricular Therapy:

Pocket Atlas

Now, the most accurate three-phase auricular therapy atlas is available with the convenience and portability of the pocket-sized version!
Pocket Atlas of Auricular Therapy:

The pocket atlas offers practitioners the same illustrations as the desk atlas but in a convenient size (4.25"x5.5").