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In pursuit of optimal health this center offers a unique multidisciplinary evaluation of the human body through complementary and alternative medicine. Through three of the major complementary approaches namely acupuncture, homeopathy and auricular medicine (advanced ear acupuncture) you can have your health evaluated in a very unique way.

Your health will be fully evaluated through each of these disciplines during the same consultation and examination. Putting it all together in addition to the results of traditional medicine examination and investigations, we can come up with a deep understanding to your health problems. Then by adding complementary therapies, as dictated by the holistic evaluation, to your current conventional treatment we hope that your health will gain invaluable benefits.

Remember that like conventional medicine, complementary medicine is not an exact science. At this time scientific data does not fully support the efficacy of complementary and alternative approaches. It is recommended that you consult with both your family physician as well as your alternative medicine physician to coordinate your treatment.

Auricular Medicine Evaluation

The ear offers a whole acupuncture system separate from the well known body acupuncture meridians. The simplest form of this acupuncture system is known as ear acupuncture. However, the system is much more

sophisticated than simply using it for just the insertion of needles. Your body’s evaluation through this method can provide invaluable information about the status of every single organ, allowing early treatment and restoration of the integrity of these organs.Auricular medicine is a fascinating highly specialized form of acupuncture. It was introduced by the French Physician Paul Nogier in 1956, however its roots go back in history to Ancient Egypt. While body acupuncture is concerned with the status of the energy circulation throughout the body (acupuncture meridians), Auricular Medicine studies the energetic status of the individual organs and tissues. For example, a liver that is fighting excess toxins in the body may appear clinically healthy through means of physical examination and laboratory testing. Auricular Medicine examination however may detect energetic disturbance in the liver allowing us to support the liver functions through variable methods well before physical signs become apparent.

In a similar way energetic disturbances of various organs could be detected. This may help with treatment of various medical problems where laboratory and other methods of investigations fail to detect physical disturbances. This might be helpful in such cases as infertility where all investigations turn out to be negative.

Homeopathic Evaluation

Homeopathic evaluation is another fascinating way of looking at the energetic imbalance of the human body. Analysis includes evaluating not only the physical symptoms but also the psychological and emotional symptoms. Considering those symptoms together becomes invaluable in the overall evaluation of the body-mind energetic interaction . For example, when treating hypertension the connection with other physical symptoms as well as the emotional symptoms are all considered.

Homeopathic remedies offer a way for treatment that is less costly and mostly free of any side effects and complications. Homeopathy offers a solution for those who are looking for more ecological, more comprehensive and more compassionate way to take care of their health. Homeopathic remedies follow the strict manufacturing techniques and recommendations of the United States Homeopathic Pharmacopea.

More ecological because homeopathy fights health imbalances through the stimulation of the body’s own innate healing powers. Remedies are prepared from natural substances that include; plants, minerals and certain animal products.

More compassionate since it is your body and not the drugs that will be in full control in keeping your own natural health and well-being. Because of the use of extremely small doses, the body is treated gently.

More comprehensive because the remedies chosen are decided upon by looking at the symptoms and signs of the body, mind and spirit altogether.

Homeopathic medications are very easy for our cells to deal with especially when chronic diseases have weakened the integrity of these cells. They are known to be safe and free of side effects and complications and are safely used for adults as well as children.

Acupuncture Evaluation

Acupuncture is an old medical system that uses needles to stimulate the natural ability of the human body to defend and heal itself. Acupuncture meridians are circuits of energy that traverse the body in a precise manner and communicate with the outside world through points known as acupuncture points. It is believed that life energy (Qi) flows within these meridians. The meridians must be in perfect energetic balance to maintain health.

When the flow of energy in one of these meridians is disrupted imbalance becomes evident and symptoms of disease develop. Careful evaluation of the condition of these meridians is an important method of evaluating the energetic status of your body.

Acupuncture evaluation also involves examination of the major acupuncture points, studying of the pulse as well as the examination of the tongue. The evaluation using the above approaches will help to identify the imbalanced meridians. Inserting needles in the acupuncture points allows manipulation of the energy flow. Eventually this would lead to balancing of the meridians and restoring health.

How frequent should you be evaluated holistically?

It is advisable to be evaluated holistically once a year, just as you have a yearly physical exam.