Infertility Beyond Traditional Medicine

Sometimes, there's just no apparent reason why a woman can't get pregnant. All the tests are normal, and all the parts are in the right places. But fertility is a very complex problem. In humans, it is estimated that one in five couples are sterile, over 1/3 of human embryos die early in pregnancy and about 15% of known pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. At birth among the surviving babies 3% have developmental defects. Drugs and chemicals can adversely affect the functions of the reproductive system and further interfere with biological behaviors and their outcome. With this in mind we can see that even under normal condition the reproductive system does not function in a very optimal state.

Infertility could be related to issues beyond what routine medical testing can identify.

For example, not much is known about how chemicals or drugs interfere with the function of the ovaries. Also, it is now known that environmental toxins including ultraviolet and x-ray can cause DNA damage (Lee, 1983).

Ovulation could be affected by drugs and chemicals that act on the brain (Cooper et al., 1998) this includes synthetic steroids. Many pesticides as well as many drugs, hormones and chemicals can interfere with both ovarian and testicular functions (Donaubauer et al., 1987). It is extremely difficult to evaluate the effects of toxins on the reproductive system not only because of the diversity of the chemical configuration of these toxins but also because the site of their action and the way they produce damage varies widely. Heavy metals through either excess or deficiency were found to have serious repercussion on the integrity of the reproductive system. For example zinc deficiency may be responsible for toxicity inside the reproductive system cells. Excess of the following metals could cause

considerable toxicity as well; lead, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, platinum and vanadium. These metals in excess could have either a direct or indirect toxic effects. A wide spectrum of dietary insufficiencies including proteins, vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes cofactors are known to adversely affect pregnancy (Keen et al., 1993).

Data on the effects of stress in humans are difficult to obtain, nevertheless studies have shown correlation between maternal stress leading to toxic formation and adverse outcome of pregnancy (Stott, 1973; Gorsuch and Key 1974).

All the above information are obtained from: Casarett and Doull’s “Toxicology” 6th edition by McGraw-Hill medical publishing division.

How Can Alternative and Complementary Medicine Help?

Toxins, toxins, toxins….. many studies confirm the deleterious effect of toxins on the reproductive system. It is obvious from the aforementioned studies that this problem should be seriously addressed in the infertile couple. After full traditional medicine investigations are carried out, the addition of alternative and complementary medicine approaches could be invaluable to the infertile couple. These approaches could help the body to effectively correct imbalances and get rid of possible infections side by side with traditional treatment. Alternative medicine treatment could be very effective in getting rid of accumulated toxins in your body.

Homeopathic remedies (these are not herbal medications) and acupuncture are among the most powerful alternative medicine approaches. Both are extremely safe and since they act through energetic approach there are no risks mixing them at the same time with traditional medical treatment. While traditional medicine acts on the physical level, both acupuncture and homeopathy act on the energetic level, thus eliminating any possible interaction or antagonism.

This center offers a unique approach to address the problem of infertility

Auricular Medicine is a unique and recent form of acupuncture introduced by a French physician fifty years ago. While general acupuncture is concerned with the energetic status of meridians. Auricular Medicine probes the energetic status of each organ in the body, thus gaining invaluable information about the status of the body as a whole and the genital system in particular. Using this information to correlate with the clinical symptoms

is only the first step towards our holistic approach.

Homeopathic remedies, these remedies which are manufactured according to the US homeopathic pharmacopeia ensures treatment of high

quality that is free from toxins and side effects. The FDA does not require warning labels on these remedies. These are not considered nutritional supplements as the case with herbal products.

Acupuncture is another powerful energetic technique that could induce powerful energetic changes in the body, aiming at the correction of any possible imbalances. This may help the restoration of harmonious energetic balance in the body including the genital system.

This center puts great emphasis on treating any possible toxins, deficiencies, sub-clinical infections, nutritional or metabolic imbalances through natural and holistic approaches to promote energetic stability and health in all the systems of the body.