This textbook is an outstanding addition to the world of Alternative

Medicine, particularly in the world of acupuncture!

The acupuncture Microsystems have proven to be some of the most sophisticated tools used in acupuncture today. The hand acupuncture microsystem was introduced in the 1970s and has since gained wide popularity as an effective approach to pain and to other medical problems.

While Koryo Hand Acupuncture (KHT) has presented practitioners with a simple somatotopy of the body organs and structures, this textbook presents the discovery of additional projections of the body organs and structures.

This textbook provides a comprehensive comprehension to the inherit sophistication of the hand acupuncture microsystem. The three-phase system offers a new paradigm for understanding the patho-physiology of the living system. This new discovery will provide exciting and sophisticated ways to deal with all aspects of the pathology regardless of the duration and the intensity.