Soliman's Three-Phase Hand Acupuncture



No other discounts apply to this workshop unless combined with the VAS & Auricular Medicine Workshop (the day before)

*Includes a pocket size atlas ($40.00 value), extensive seminar syllabus, light breakfast, light lunch & refreshments

Become Aquainted with Dr. Soliman's Discoveries!

Practitioners, especially those using KHT, will be introduced to a Three Phase Hand Acupuncture microsystem discovered by Dr. Soliman.

Like the three-phase auricular therapy system, the hand projects body

organs in three different phases depending on the pathophysiology. KHT only offers one of those three phases. Practitioners will become familiar with the additional two phases.

Understanding these different projections on the hand microsystem will enable practitioners to address the pathophysiology more adequately with results surpassing those seen using KHT alone.

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